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Wedding Photography

My approach to photography is quite simple – get to know my subject. This is especially important for wedding photographs, my specialty. An emotional, romantic, and extremely significant event in life; these moments are best captured when the couple is most comfortable with their photographer. Nobody wants to feel like a stranger is intruding on them. When the betrothed feel at ease about the person capturing their most intimate moments on their wedding day, the honesty of their emotion shines brightly in the images. Candid, un-staged moments come together with breathtaking results.

I sure got lucky finding Scott for my wedding photography! It’s one of the most special days of someone’s life and the photographer is one of the most important pieces. Capturing the most beautiful moments to be able to look back and relive it and Scott did just that.

Irvine, CA

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There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express how amazing the Photographer for our wedding was! Scott Land saved the day in so many ways and really kept me sane through my entire planning process! If you are a Bride to be and want to find a cheaper photographer or use a friend DON’T! My whole wedding party, family and guests will tell you that Scott is worth it and then some. He did so much for us and honestly did some of my other vendor’s jobs for them as well. Scott became my coordinator, my emergency kit, the person with the best advice and not to mention his photography is over the top amazing and impressive!

Laura L.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Scott Land was by far my best vendor before, during and after the wedding! I cannot speak highly enough about him. He is fun, professional, creative, flexible, organized, genuine, the list could go on. Then there is his talent, his art, his work. Absolutely beautiful. He goes above and beyond in every possible way. He is willing to take your ideas and input and ready to try new things or stay traditional.

Our best friend’s found him for their wedding and now within a year my husband and I hired him plus 2 others couples from our group have booked him. He’s that great!


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What can be said about Scott Land? Really the question we should ask is, what CAN’T be said about Scott? Scott was (is) an absolute delight to work with. Scott is sweet and professional, while still taking charge and not taking undue nonsense. He is a powerhouse and takes some of the most artistic and gorgeous photos I have ever seen.


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